Hello everyone whom has made it over to my little section the the Internet.

About me:
I am a regular guy. I live in Chicago part-time (as I am a full time student at Monmouth College. I live in Monmouth which is small town in rural Illinois. I study Physics and am involved in various groups. Since this isn’t a resume, I won’t turn it in to one (but feel free to ask me for my resume).

About my work:

I enjoy working on Ubuntu. My work is primarily focused on the Mozilla Team, the Ubuntu Chicago LoCo, and bug management. My most recent projects have taken me to Xubuntu project where I have been working with them to write the release notes as well as rewriting the Xubuntu Documentation toward Topic-Based help.


One comment

  1. Saw your posts on Planet Ubuntu — I’m a coder at Eyebeam and will be speaking at Versionfest on Saturday. Wanted to hand out Ubuntu live CD’s after my talk on secure communications infrastructures. Was hoping you might have some cool Ubuntu stuff to share, be it marketing materials or knowledge!

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