Long time no see!

August 31, 2009

Hey Ubuntu folks,

My blog has been slightly ignored in the last year or so. I have sort of moved away from the Ubuntu community. I still advocate and spread the love but I don’t really have time for development. So a few things:

– The Mozilla Team is still strong and running. I was involved in various degrees when it started and it looks like a strong team. Alexander Sack and company have been doing great work.
– The reason I sort of dropped off the face of the earth has been education. I am a full time student getting a Masters in Physics. Physics is now my life and there is not much room for other things. (Side note: I beginning teaching today…life moves so quickly…)
– On Ubuntu development in general: You all rock. I have very much enjoyed my time speaking with all of you. The Chicago LoCo in particular, Nixternal, Jim Campbell and company rock.
– On Comments on my blog: I haven’t checked them in a long time. If you want me to respond please resent the comment or find me on skype. (user name photonphoton) I know, its not FOSS and I need my sins absolved. 😛
– Speaking of FOSS, is anyone interested in writing a FOSS version of programs like Mathematica/Maple? Mathematica may be the best tool I’ve ever use and I really don’t like that FOSS alternatives don’t exist but I can see why they don’t.

Have fun during Ubuntu Developer Week. I really wish I had times to help you. If anyone has an area of Ubuntu development that doesn’t require a lot of time, please let me know. I may be convinced to come back. 😛


  1. Have you checked Sage?

    Or slightly related, Scilab: http://www.scilab.org/

  2. I see your Maxima and raise you…


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