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A few notes

April 25, 2008

Kubuntu 8.04 is released. \o/! Seems like getting the remix of Kubuntu with KDE4 is a hard sell right now. I can’t seem to get a link and bitTorrent is not allowed at my school (its too much to allow students to legally do things apparently)

Xubuntu 8.04 is out. See the Release Notes for more details. It seems there isn’t a mention to the very, very sexy documentation that is included in the release. Jim Campbell had a lot to do with writing the great documentation.

Lastly, make sure to hit up the Chicago LoCo Hardy Release Party. It should be a good time. This Saturday April 26th from 2pm to 5pm. Just make sure to stay away from the characters like Kevin Harriss, I know he’ll be trying to push Foresight Linux down people’s throats. 😛 I wish I could attend the release party but I will be in Iowa at that time. Also, make sure to RSVP if you are attending.



April 15, 2008

It seems two Ubuntu members share a birthday. Eddie Martinez and myself. We both turn 21. (We are twins). \o/


Wow. Videos suck.

April 2, 2008

The more I try to convert one video format to another, the more I hate each and every format. I’ve tried to go from mp4 to avi or mp4 to ogg. And there seems to be *no* good guides. I’ve tried ffmpeg and ffmpeg2theora and all sorts of things. I’ve looked for webpages to upload and convert and download. Nothing keeps me happy. I’ve heard a lot about Handbreak (which doesn’t seem to have a nice package anywhere) but whatever. The most frustrating thing is that the same mp4 worked in Kaffeine 12 hours ago. VLC can’t queue videos in a nice manner like Kaffeine, Dragon Player isn’t really compatible with mp4 and what not.

And the worse thing is that all I get is “xine: couldn’t find demux”. Well that helps! How about a fix or a suggestion or something eh? try installing X or convert to Y.

This is very frustrating to people like me that can’t sleep while there is something not working on their computer After I typed the pos, I fixed my problem, however it took 2 hours, which is still too long.