March 24, 2008

Internet, you’re doing it wrong.


Notice I’m running Kubuntu….


  1. What do you expect from a product named “XP”? :p

  2. Curious as I am…I just had to see what happened myself and I just wonder…how did you manage to get that to happen? Because no matter what I try and no matter what browser I use, the only thing that happens is that the site asks me to download and install a windows .exe file (only tried using Konqueror 4 and Firefox 3 though).

  3. I am sure Eddie is really using Vista with a Kubuntu’esque theme :p

  4. Damn twins! I meant Freddy

  5. The fact that this way is viable is a fail.

  6. hehe I had the same thing 2 times now I got a good laugh out of it.

  7. Was going to say what Vadim P. said. These ads don’t care what browser or OS you’re running, just that it looks convincing enough to the people they’re trying to get to download that crap (in other words, not Linux users).

  8. KDE 3 is so two months ago

  9. i love trying to download viruses on linux. “click here to protect my system? ok. hmmm… why won’t this program install on my computer? i want to protect my linux xp 2000 media center premium edition ME from the haxors…”

    p.s. my link is wrong! just plain j1m.net ftw.

  10. so you’re running an XP virus scan via WINE on Kubuntu? 😉

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