Comcast Sucks

March 9, 2008

So today I had a real run in with Comcast and hardcore their Internet access is. I was at a party tonight with my brother whom brought his System 76 laptop. We couldn’t get the wireless working because of the encryption so we brought the cables out and feed them through the router.

This is image we were able to find:
Comcast Sucks

How does an OS have anything to do with Internet access? I wonder if people like nixternal have had this problem before.

Comcast sucks.


  1. I’ve seen that before. It’s for the initial setup of the internet connection, right? Just call comcast and they’ll finish the setup manually. Pretty sure that’s what it is.

  2. Could you not alter your user-agent?

  3. Try the User Agent Switcher extension for Firefox. Not a solution per se (the solution would be to send Comcast down to the fiery depths of hell — this is more of a compromise), but it should make it work.

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  5. No go on the browser ID switch.
    They make you install an .EXE for some insane reason.

    the 1-800 number is not much help, either. The menu items are not obvious, often circular…

  6. Ditch them. They have made them self famous for how they treat their costumers =)

  7. Why not just set up the connection manually? Do you really need to use wizard for such a simple task?

    Comcast does suck, but really…

  8. You definitely don’t need the exe, unless things have changed. You just need a web browser to get your mac address registered. If you look around with google, you will find instructions.

    Or simply just call comcast.

    I recommend not using comcast though, I have had nothing but trouble with them in the past.

  9. Are you using a Comcrap router or something? The image you got is not one you get when you plug into a router, it is the image you get when you plug directly into the modem and provide Comcast a different MAC address than what they have on record. If you plugged into a router that was supplying the WAN with NAT, then you would have never seen that (ie. getting an IP such as 192.168.1.x).

    Another point, with all the crap our government is talking about the Internet companies and being fair and neutral, you would think they would start supporting more than Mac and Microsoft.

  10. Trust me, you are better off WITHOUT running the garbage software that cd. Whenever someone comes to me with computer problems on a new PC, I rip that garbage out.

    Calling is inconvenient, but it keeps them from installing their software on your PC.

  11. I can confirm previous comments in that this is MAC address related. Comcast requires that MAC address of the initial connected device to be registered, generally speaking meaning the modem. If you run Windows, I think there is an ActiveX thingy or something on the supplied CD that will do the registration process for you, but for the rest of us it can be done over the phone. We ran into this when we had to warranty out a modem and put a new one on the line. Interestingly enough though, that particular phone call was one that they actually handled well, and we were back up and running in a few minutes. The phone number is in the setup packet that you got when signing up for the service. (Note that of course this does NOT mean you have to register all devices on your LAN – that would be truly idiotic.)

  12. I ran into this issue at my friends house with Comcast. Basically I brought down my own wireless router so I could use my laptop. Comcast wouldn’t let anything online through the router.

    Luckily my linksys router has MAC Address cloning. I just cloned the address of their PC’s network card and all worked fine after that.

    Hope it helps,

  13. So as well as being bastards of torrent throttling they’re also blocking other OS’s…

    Comcast really do suck!

  14. Same crap happened to me a couple months ago when I moved to my new place. I owned my own Linksys cable modem, but they told me I had to use theirs (extra $3/month). Of course it died after two hours and I plugged my Linksys modem back in. I had to call them to activate the new modem because I got the same operating system not supported message. Took like 30 minutes for them to do it. Thinking about it now, I should have tried the User Agent Switcher, but I didn’t think about it at the time.

  15. I will also throw a confirm in there that comcast doesn’t explicitly not work with linux. their software may not work with linux but as others have said, this problem is straightforward to fix (MAC address). comcast is by no means the best ISP, but they aren’t THAT evil.

  16. I am an employee of Comcrap and I work in the warehouse. About the modems and gateways, we send them to repair all the time. Repair charges $7.00 to $15.00 to repair. If they don’t repair it we throw them into a box to be destroyed. On the average we send out 350 units, of that only 100 come back working. The other 250 units get written off and we increase our fees every year to pay for the bad equipment

  17. Comcast exists because it has no one (or very few) able to challenge its monopoly status. That’s why they have little incentive to improve customer service. I wish they would take the money they spend on those commercials and use it to help their customers out!

  18. ——————————————————————————–

    Email to Frank Eliason @ Comcast

    I’m hoping that you can enlighten me regarding my current situation.

    I had to explain to my children ( 3yrs & 6yrs old) why our premier line-up had been terminated and unavailable for their viewing. If you have children then you can appreciate that losing Spongebob for even one day was met with great unhappiness. However, over the week-end my girls adjusted to public broadcasting just fine. Imagine my surprise when my toddler told me this morning that she was watching Disney.

    During prior correspondence we’ve established that not only was an official resolution not executed, but the suggested “promotion” mentioned by Frank was neither detailed nor met with great enthusiasm on my part due to extensive negative incidents.

    Today I have the premier package. Friday this was terminated before I could hang up my phone.

    Today, Monday feb.16th, Comcast continues to lack quality communication skills not only between employees but extends this inadequacy to their customers.

    I would like to know why my service has been restored since I did not authorize this and prior to the week-end I have received basic cable. Since I am left in the dark, yet again regarding Comcast’s actions I would appreciate an explanation.

    Thank you

    Andrea Gerstner

    I have just found out due to billing at Comcast that Frank Eliason authorized a “promotional” package with Comcast at 10:41a.m. on sat. feb.14th 2009 without my knowledge or authorization. I was not contacted by any member of Comcast until Saturday evening when a “promotion” was offered in a short email mentioning only a monthly discount.. I was told by Comcast that I would be contacted on Monday feb.16th to discuss this promotion. At this time I have yet to receive any details of this package that Frank Eliason authorized. I have not been contacted at any time by Comcast to validate the initiation of this “promotional” package.

    The new mail will be thegerstners1@gmail.com Please be sure to update your address books.



  19. What ISP or cable company would you go then? I tried some others too but they also have issues.. more than what Comcast have.. LOL..

  20. Bert, I know use Cox Communication (I live in Omaha NE). I like them a lot!

  21. cable companies are also offering broadband internet these days and the cost is cheap too *;`

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