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March 24, 2008

Internet, you’re doing it wrong.


Notice I’m running Kubuntu….



March 20, 2008

So today I went to install the splashy package on my Hardy desktop and it seems I was bit by bug 92276. There are a few duplicated so I went ahead and updated the bughelper-data files by adding a splashy file. The issue seems to be that when the package installs, it doesn’t add vga=791 splash to /boot/grub/menu.lst and causes this error. Its in universe so perhaps a MOTU can reexamine the package. All that needs to be done is add the appropriate lines in GRUB. There are some instructions at

I’ll update the long abandoned bug diary tomorrow with this information.


Learn from my failure.

March 16, 2008

So today I made the immortal sin of once again deleting all my files.  This time it was purely my own fault (picked the wrong partition on my reinstall of Kubuntu) and it is greatly upsetting.  Luckily, most of my favorite pictures were online (Facebook) and I can recover my music.  And I know nixternal will give me some Sammy Hagar if I ask him 😛 (just kidding).

What is the best way to prevent something like this from happening?  Say I have one HDD with two partitions and no external HDD.  Is there a way to handle while running an installer?

Also, I now have twitter (admiralchicago is my  user name) to test out the twitter microblogging widget.

Life lesson: check your files twice, and format once….


Getting rid of desktop application.

March 13, 2008

One of my biggest issues on my campus is getting online with the OSCAR protocol (I know, I know). I also have an XMPP account and IRC, however unfortunately if I want to stay in contact with 95% of my contacts, I have to use some version of AIM. I had written before about using irssi and bitlbee to connect online. However I have found two other methods that I very much like.

Meebo does what a lot of other online webpages have attempted. ebuddy, AIM express and others have nothing on meebo. Check out the webpage, I use meebo about 30% of the time and it has multiple XMPP accounts as well as a two AIM accounts. It works well. Older computers may struggle with it, its not the fastest. However the developers are constantly working on it and it is by no means slow.

Gmail Chat. Go to your email, look at chat, hit options and sign onto AIM. I always have my email open and this makes it simple (if not a bit crowded in my window)

However, I do wish more people used free and open protocols of course 😛

Link of the Day: WordPress gave me a hawt blog (their words not mine) for a post about Firefox 3’s Memory Usage…with pictures.


Comcast Sucks

March 9, 2008

So today I had a real run in with Comcast and hardcore their Internet access is. I was at a party tonight with my brother whom brought his System 76 laptop. We couldn’t get the wireless working because of the encryption so we brought the cables out and feed them through the router.

This is image we were able to find:
Comcast Sucks

How does an OS have anything to do with Internet access? I wonder if people like nixternal have had this problem before.

Comcast sucks.