Dear Internets….

February 21, 2008

I am looking for a portable music player that I can take to the gym with me.  I would like the following

– OGG+ MP3 support.  I have both and haven’t fully ripped my collection as Ogg so it would be nice to handle both.

– Linux capable.  If I have to use it as a mass storage device I will.

–  Around 1 Gbs to 3 Gb.

– Rechargeable (batteries won’t be too bad but I prefer rechargeable.)

–  Available to buy in the US.

If anyone knows of something like this…let me know.


  1. Nokia tablets!

    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N800 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N810.

    The N800 is the best bang for your buck right now, as it is $200 on average vs the $400 price of the N810. If you absolutely need the hardware keyboard, get the N810, but I’d definitely have a look at the N800. It has two SDHC-compatible slots, one internal and the other external. Bluetooth headphones work like a charm on OS2008 as well. 🙂

  2. check the cowon D2, I have one, its great

  3. Freddy,

    I have a Meizu M6 MiniPlayer (in the US distributed by Dane Electronics). It is flash-based, and about the size of a credit card. It plays ogg and mp3. Plus it has video and picture support.

    It shows up a as a mass storage controller, so syncing music is easy. It even supports m3u playlists.

    There are a lot of scripts for video conversion on meizume.com. I can even send you some of mine if you want.

    I originally found it listed here: http://wiki.xiph.org/index.php/PortablePlayers#Flash_Memory_Storage

  4. I have a Sandisk Sansa c240 with rockbox and it is a nice little player. The e200 series would be good too just make sure you don’t get a V2 version of ether player as rockbox won’t work on those and hence no OGG. They appear as a UMS device so that is good for linux. Just look up how to tell the difference between the V1 and V2.

  5. I have a Meizu M6 as well. It is fantastic. Mass storage, customizable, mp3, flac, ogg. Videos too, and the screen is really nice. It’s also very lightweight and pretty snazzy looking.

    Amarok and Rhythmbox both detected it right away, as well.

  6. Check out the Cowon D2. Its a flash based player that comes in 2, 4, and 8 gb varieties. Has an FM tuner, plays ogg, AND xvid movies. Interface is a very slick and responsive touchscreen. It also has an SDHC slot, so you can expand the storage, and an active theme/mod community at iaudiophile (you can create some very slick ui’s for it). And of course, it works just fine as a mass storage device in ubuntu. Finally, it has a battery life of around 40+ hours!

    Here’s a review on anythingbutipod

    I’ve owned the 8gb model for about six months now, and I LOVE it. Just bought an 8gb sd card for it to hold more video. I really can’t say enough about this player.

    One caveat is that Cowon has not quite gotten id3 tags on ogg files working quite right, but you have the option of browsing via files and folders instead.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Another vote for the Meizu M6. My only problem is that having it detected when I plug it in is hit or miss on Ubuntu 7.10. Sometimes it shows up on the desktop, sometimes not. Otherwise great.

  8. Another vote for COWON. Great battery life and OGG support. Also, if you are a techhead or audiofreak, the COWONs massive amount of settings and great sounds is a plus 🙂

  9. Cowon/iAudio has a bunch of nice players that play ogg and mp3 (and wma)

  10. Cowow, Meizu, and iAudio….great, now I know what to look at now to replace my original iPod, yes original, like the year they came out original 🙂

  11. Another vote for Meizu M6. Its a nice device, works nicely with Rhythmbox and Banshee 🙂

  12. I own and I can recommend the Samsung YP-U3. OGG & MP3 supported, fm radio, records voice, oled display, and is small, slim, lightweight and beautiful (mine is lime-green). It works great with amarok. Only downside: no mass storage, it’s a mtp device.
    Product page

  13. the key is the firmware (specially if you want ogg) so go with any hardware that rockbox supports (http://www.rockbox.org). The just choose the hardware that has the storage, design, battery life, price that best works for you.

  14. Apart from ogg support, the sansa clip is perfect for this. The size of a matchbox, 1, 2 and 4 gb versions and builtin oled screen for a reasonable price. I hope they will add ogg/flac support in a firmware upgrade.

  15. Have you thought about the Wizpy?
    Ogg Support, MP4 videos and it’s pre-loaded with as a linux boot disk. It even contains a microphone so you can use the installed the Skype software on the road. I’m biased as I sell these things in the UK. If you can’t find one in the USA drop me an e-mail and I’ll see if I can either get the distributor’s name in the US or send one over to you.

  16. Meizu M6 – fits your spec exactly, I’ve had one for about a year now and it’s better than anything else I’ve come across. Includes FM radio, really quite decent voice recording for taking memos, videos are actually watchable on it, the sound quality’s brilliant and the earphones that come with it are well above average. The best thing however is the battery life – I’ve never had it run out on me, drove to Italy and back listening to it, on one charge. One thing I will say is that the touchpad can be a little finicky at times.

  17. I got my wife the Cowon and we are reasonably pleased with it. Everything about it works great in Linux.

  18. I’ve made good experiences with Cowon and iRiver. I find the concept of the newer iRivers especially interesting, where you can tilt the display for navigating. However, I haven’t used one of those yet.

  19. My vote would go to the Samsung YP-U3, if you want a small player, this one is the size of an usb key. The usb connector even retracts. You must look into this one.
    Iñigo Alonso pointed out that this is a MTP device but there are UMS firmware images. They won’t flash the device through standard procedure, but there is a way to do it. I’ve done it and I’m even more happy to have bought it.
    Here goes a link: http://www.beranger.org/index.php?page=diary&2007/12/10/15/14/55-make-your-samsung-yp-u3-j-linux-

  20. It would have to be the Cowon D2 since it is the ONLY mp3 player to list Linux in the minimum requirements.

    ALL other players I’ve see say Windows with WMP whether or not they’re drag’n’drop or not- Conspiracy theory anyone?

  21. I’d really go for a player that is supported by Rockbox. I installed it to my sister’s Sansa e200 (which was really easy) and it has loads of features and is open source 🙂
    The only downside is the Sansa e200, whose hardware buttons are absolutely annoying, but there are plenty of players that support Rockbox.

    Heck, I’d trade my Nano for a player with Rockbox that also has at least 4 GB and does not have annoying hardware buttons.

    Oh, yeah, don’t buy an iPod 😉

  22. Another vote for either a Cowon or a Sansa 2xx with rockbox. I own both Sandisk Sansa 240 (running Rockbox) and a Cowon iAudio U3 and my housemate has an iAudio 7. Any of them will meet your requirements, and I can recommend them all. My favorite is the Sansa though. It has an esily replaceable battery, and I got mine (2GB) as a refurb from woot.com for $30. I’ve since added a 2GB microSD, so I ended up with a 4GB player that plays ogg, mp3, flac, video, FM, games, and records for $50. Tough to beat, if you ask me.

  23. I won a 4GB Sansa e260 (v1) that runs RockBox from Day 1. I only use Ogg Vorbis for my music so what could I do? I only wish it had a radio. It does have annoying controls, but looks like it would survive a nuclear war. Even without the protective cloth sleeve.

    The problem is philosophical. It’s a choice you have to make about how your freedom can be reached.

    Option 1: RockBox, means an Open Source software on your player, highly customizable, just the way Linux users prefer it

    Option 2: An Ogg-capable player comes from a company that supports Open Source directly (by enabling Ogg support)

    A tough choice to be sure. Which one is better for the cause itself? The dark side clouds everything…

  24. Definitly Sansa! I’m a very happy camper with a Sansa e260 (4GB) with Rockbox! My gf too!

  25. I use iRiver S10 in linux (ogg moustly, some mp3s) and work from Amarok absolute ok.

    see model at :

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