2008: A look forward

December 31, 2007

I figure if I have a goal, I can reach it. Apparently people whom write their goals down are far more likely to realize them.

This year, I plan to:

  • Learn a bit about more packaging, no I don’t plan on MOTUing this year but a little more knowledge would be nice
  • Work more on documentation. I helped a bit with Gutsy and made some contributions but I feel I can help Xubuntu docs a bit more
  • Attend more LoCo meeting. With the whole “being-away-at-college” thing, it is hard to make it out to them but I plan to be more active. Sorry Chicago LoCo, its been a crazy last semester. Speaking of the LoCo…
  • Spend more time on IRC. Odd plan? I know. Somedays it seemed like I was never on, again it had to do with school.
  • Help market Xubuntu. I feel know the release notes were on and off, this was related to school.
  • Get my twin brother more involved. Since we are essentially the same person, he should be doing my work.

With the Ubuntu stuff out of the way, some personal goals that I hope to meet.

  • Spend less time in HT (the science building in my school). I want to spend less time working and get my studies done early and efficiently. The majority of being a Physics major is working on problems and being in labs. I want to reduce the time I spend on homework sets.
  • Write more code.
  • Do more research. I am part of a research project that involves physics and parallel computing and I want to do more in it. I am also looking to apply very heavily for REUs, if you know of any good ones related to physics and computers (or physics in general) let me know.
  • Vote. I always do but I want to make sure I keep it up.  Its part of our duty as citizens in a democratic system to vote (even if we write in people… :P).  I also want to inspire people to vote…
  • Save more money.
  • Spend more money on clothes. This year I was able to really expand what I like wearing and I find that I enjoy looking for unique clothes that most people could not find. Here is an example of what I mean.
  • Become fearless. Bold goal, huh? Over the past six months I’ve worked on living life and not being restrained by the normal social norms like “How do I approach a stranger”. Its a hard goal but challenging.
  • Do more charity work. I’ve done some over the last year (Big Brother Big Sister is by far my favorite) but I’d like to do some on Saturdays.
  • Exercise more. This goes back to my “spend less time working” goal. Every time I run I feel very out of shape and would like to improve this. I’d like to run 10 miles comfortably by the end of the year, a goal I can reach. Also, I’d like to practice martial arts more.
  • Listen to more music. I still don’t like music as much as most people but I’d like to get a variety in my music collection.
  • Learn more about business. At some point in my life, I want to be self-employed and run my own gig. Speaking of employment…
  • Find a steady job. While I do work at school, I’d like summer to be spent solving problems.

Thats all for now…maybe I’ll write more later…


  1. For REU’s, here’s a general way to search for them:


    I applied to this one, which you’d also be qualified for, probably moreso than me even though they ask for CS/Math majors in addition to Physics.


    Good luck dude, I’m hoping to get into something as well.

  2. Thanks Yacin, I’ll look into all those. Do you know much about the SULI application?

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