Looking for software

December 17, 2007

Hey everyone,

I am looking for a piece of software that will run on Leopard that can convert videos.  I need it to

A. Have a GUI    B. Be able to handle to convert from avi to mp4 (video)  and C. Be free (as in beer, but as in speech would be excellent).

I know that C may not be reasonable but I am hoping someone has a good program out there.  If I have to pay for the software, I wouldn’t be too upset but I would prefer something free and high-quality.

As an aside,  I was looking for this program and I remembered why I hated looking for software in windows.  You have freeware, shareware, trial versions, restrictive licensing, etc.  Who needs all that when you can do apt-get install?


  1. Have you tried the VLC Wizard?

    I’ve used this on Linux and Windows sometimes, but always got back to ffmpeg/mencoder for this task.

    Regards from Spain.

  2. I am using ffmpegX for such tasks. The GUI is really nice and intuitive.

  3. Standalone VLC should be able to do it as well. Ok, admittedly the gui isn’t designed specifically for file conversion, but it’s simple enough once you’ve looked at it a bit.

    When you open a file click on the Stream/Save checkbox and configure your settings. Then when you play the file, it’ll output it to your new format.

  4. If you hate it why are you using Leopard? Waste of time.

  5. Try HandBrake:


  6. As stated in one of the comments… FFMPEG works a bit differently on Macs, has GUI, no terminal commands necessary, does the job.

    It’s free, but I think it annoys you to donate after some time – but it’s pretty mild pestering.

  7. XFFMPEG used it the other day… should do pretty good for you.

  8. Why are you using Leopard?

  9. Handbrake is wonderful!

  10. How about Avidemux. Works on Mac and Linux. It will take your avi and convert to mp4 quite nicely.

    Also, if you are a mencoder fan you might try just a simple:
    mencoder input.avi -ovc copy -oac faac -o output.mp4


  11. if you distribute mpeg4 videos after 2010, you will have to pay money: http://www.mpegla.com/news/n_03-11-17_avc.html – lots of other use cases will also requiere paying licencing.

    so dont use mpeg, use free codecs as ogg theora or dirac. if you have to use mpeg, use mpeg1.

  12. This site has the software you might be looking for.

  13. This site might have the software your looking for.


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