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2008: A look forward

December 31, 2007

I figure if I have a goal, I can reach it. Apparently people whom write their goals down are far more likely to realize them.

This year, I plan to:

  • Learn a bit about more packaging, no I don’t plan on MOTUing this year but a little more knowledge would be nice
  • Work more on documentation. I helped a bit with Gutsy and made some contributions but I feel I can help Xubuntu docs a bit more
  • Attend more LoCo meeting. With the whole “being-away-at-college” thing, it is hard to make it out to them but I plan to be more active. Sorry Chicago LoCo, its been a crazy last semester. Speaking of the LoCo…
  • Spend more time on IRC. Odd plan? I know. Somedays it seemed like I was never on, again it had to do with school.
  • Help market Xubuntu. I feel know the release notes were on and off, this was related to school.
  • Get my twin brother more involved. Since we are essentially the same person, he should be doing my work.

With the Ubuntu stuff out of the way, some personal goals that I hope to meet.

  • Spend less time in HT (the science building in my school). I want to spend less time working and get my studies done early and efficiently. The majority of being a Physics major is working on problems and being in labs. I want to reduce the time I spend on homework sets.
  • Write more code.
  • Do more research. I am part of a research project that involves physics and parallel computing and I want to do more in it. I am also looking to apply very heavily for REUs, if you know of any good ones related to physics and computers (or physics in general) let me know.
  • Vote. I always do but I want to make sure I keep it up.  Its part of our duty as citizens in a democratic system to vote (even if we write in people… :P).  I also want to inspire people to vote…
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Facebook Applications

December 20, 2007

So as a college student in the United States, I am obligated by law to use Facebook. Well I have a few applications on there (as a rule I use as few as possible). For example, I use Earthcomber and Greek Pride but I’ve come to like this new one very much. I found My Public Key which encourages people to share their GPG keys with their friends on Facebook. Feel free to add the application on Facebook (and me if you wish).


Looking for software

December 17, 2007

Hey everyone,

I am looking for a piece of software that will run on Leopard that can convert videos.  I need it to

A. Have a GUI    B. Be able to handle to convert from avi to mp4 (video)  and C. Be free (as in beer, but as in speech would be excellent).

I know that C may not be reasonable but I am hoping someone has a good program out there.  If I have to pay for the software, I wouldn’t be too upset but I would prefer something free and high-quality.

As an aside,  I was looking for this program and I remembered why I hated looking for software in windows.  You have freeware, shareware, trial versions, restrictive licensing, etc.  Who needs all that when you can do apt-get install?