Dear internet

November 19, 2007

I noticed this image on Wikipedia for Miro which is supposed to be GPL’ed. However, I think the licensing on the image is incorrect. If someone want to look at it and fix it, that would be great…. (I would but I have a paper and no Wikipedia account). Feel free to extend the Miro article too, or any article you want.

P.S. Could it be because it is running on Windows?

Also, WordPress doesn’t seem to like my titles, (hosted on wordpress.com) anyone else see this?


  1. Done (btw, I didn’t need an account to edit). Not sure whether it’s correct since the it does show some images that are not part of the software…

    And what’s the problem with the title? I haven’t experienced any problems personally.

  2. Hello !
    Several of us had trouble with the blog posts titles in planets. Adding feed/?mrss=off at the end of the feed url did the trick.
    Maybe try atom feeds too.

  3. @ Vincent. Thanks for your quick response. If you visit Planet.Ubuntu.com, you will see that my titles show up as admiralchicago (my WP log in name, not the header of my store). This is also true on Akregator.

    @ Bapumba, where would I ass that? I see that I’m on the planet and I can change the bzr branch easily, however, is that something I can just change add to the end and not worry about?

  4. I’m not sure how it goes for PUC. Tiago (gouki) changed our feed url for PUU (we cannot do it ourselves).

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