November 10, 2007

“I use Windows XP and you just stood there and told me how bad it was”.

The context for this quote: I recently gave a talk about Operating Systems for a class.  I spoke about the advantages of using a *nix distribution as an OS and also about virtualization, some uses of virtualization etc.  I heard this comment after my talk.


  1. It generally upsets people to hear bad comments about what they use. it might offend them.

    I remember watching a talk on LINUX. they two boys just trashed Vista. people in the audience complained that they didn’t promote Open Source by trashing out the other OS.

    How many times did you say windows XP?

    hope it all went well…

    Efrain Valles

  2. Well in my opinion, comparing things to what people know (Windows XP) is one of the only ways to explain some topics. If people are sad that they use an inferior operating system to the point that they are insulted if someone points out the flaws, maybe they should look into doing something about it.

  3. @ Effrie and Christopher

    I saw the talk and while it was not super technical, instead giving a broad overview of how to compare different OS flavors, the point was made as to why Microsoft products are generally inferior.


    great talk.

  4. @ Effrine

    The talk was about Operating Systems, specifically what *I* thought people needed from an OS: security, actual user management, etc. I gave examples of why GNU/Linux was technically better and many people say an advantage over what they used.

    @ Eddie
    Thanks for coming to my talk.

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