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November 30, 2007

So if your consumed by the mass hysteria of buying for others (Christmas), you may want to consider this necklace.

Or maybe this?


Want to save 4hrs, 59minutes, 30seconds?

November 27, 2007

Recently, I was in a class and a fellow science major (I believe she is a chemist but she may be bio-chem) and she asked me a question about data analysis. In her department, they run a Langmuir Blodgett Trough for analysis of various lipids. They have a program to output the results (typically several thousand lines long) in a spreadsheet (which they they analyze). They basically sort two different dictionaries for pressure and area and compare them based the error they chose. The problem with doing this is that it can take several hours to go through one file and we have computers for this. So I started hacking on a piece of code to do this. A fellow physics major (hi Jon!) picked it up and cranked the code out (basically rewrote what I had so far). The code can do in 30 seconds what it took one person 5 hours to accomplish. In the interest of sharing, I have hosted it on a bazaar branch for people to use. It is under GPLv3 and the main author is Jonathan Bruckman. Note: It only works if you have two different lipid input files in CSV format (comma-separated values) but checkout the code for yourself. It will also write out an output.csv file for you… neat! I am unaware of similar programs but if you know of one, leave me a comment.


Dear internet

November 19, 2007

I noticed this image on Wikipedia for Miro which is supposed to be GPL’ed. However, I think the licensing on the image is incorrect. If someone want to look at it and fix it, that would be great…. (I would but I have a paper and no Wikipedia account). Feel free to extend the Miro article too, or any article you want.

P.S. Could it be because it is running on Windows?

Also, WordPress doesn’t seem to like my titles, (hosted on anyone else see this?


Chicago LoCo brings the Free Software

November 14, 2007

Recently, a few members of the Chicago LoCo started moving a campus full of people to Ubuntu. At last estimate, about 20% of the campus was using Ubuntu and the servers should be migrated to Ubuntu soon. Some people answered email questions, some people (nixternal and Jim Campbell) actually went to help with installation and my brother (Eddie Martinez who was recently highlighted on the Planet) is writing up a case study / white paper about the entire progress. This is a perfect case for Free Software: a bunch of enthusiasts helping others with a low (read no) IT budget and an aging (read disintegrating) IT department. There is much more work being done so stay tuned.



November 10, 2007

“I use Windows XP and you just stood there and told me how bad it was”.

The context for this quote: I recently gave a talk about Operating Systems for a class.  I spoke about the advantages of using a *nix distribution as an OS and also about virtualization, some uses of virtualization etc.  I heard this comment after my talk.