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Getting help is sexy.

October 24, 2007

So I decided to Google a common question after reinstalling Kubuntu. Then I realized that it was probably in the documentation so I took a peak. I was really surprised by how clean and sexy the interface looked:


So the next time you have a question, perhaps the great Topic-based Documentation can be of use to you.


Compiz Fusion, Python, Parallel

October 21, 2007

So I finally got a working install on my computer by replacing the graphics card. So I decided to update from Feisty to Gutsy. I restarted X after my update and couldn’t log back in. I got a “KDM critical error” dialog box that told me to see the KDM error log, which actually didn’t tell me anything. It was a bit odd that when I restarted my computer, everything worked fine. So if you get that error, try a reboot.

In other news, has anyone looked at Python in Parallel? I was having a discussion with my advisor about parallel computing and he said FORTRAN was the way to go, but I think there have to be some Python projects in the works. I wonder if there are any benchmarks done comparing FORTRAN and Python. I looked on the web page but thought there may be even more relevant examples out there. I’m particularly interested in scientific applications, so if you do know of one, please drop me a comment.

According to this blog, Compiz Fusion 0.6.0 has been released. This is the first stable release of CF which is a good step for the CF community. Congrats everyone, maybe I’ll check out CF when there is an open driver for my video card. 🙂


Progress…sort of

October 5, 2007

I had previously wrote about issues I was having with X in Gutsy. I did a reinstall and X still kept locking which leads me to think I am experiencing a hardware issue and a not a software issue. I apologize to Kubuntu and it looks like I’ll be getting a new card soon.

On the other side of things, I am excited for this year’s Western Illinois Techfest . Here is a list of exhibitors and I see the Ubuntu project is being represented. Of course I will be there doing the representing! I requested some CDs from Shipit but I am unsure of their status as the Ship it people prepare for Gutsy. However, Techfest looks like a good deal of fun and there will be door prices and give aways. I am trying to get an Ubuntu disk to everyone but that depends on my supply of CDs. I am buying an Official Ubuntu book (2 ed) and that will be one of the door prizes. See you there!



October 3, 2007

So I previously wrote about some issues I was having with my install of Gutsy and X. Today, I decided to just give up on the whole idea and reinstall Feisty. This decision was made easy when my X froze again while I was talking to a friend who is stationed in Iraq.

So, what is the best way to reinstall? I like having all my personal settings but don’t mind setting those back up. How would I transfer my GPG key over? What about my ssh key? I know there is a way to transfer my installed packages over to a text file and have apt install them so I don’t worry about that too much. dpkg -L > installed.txt (iirc). In short, I’d just like to know the best way to reinstall, maybe if that goes smoothly I’ll try Gutsy again.


*Head Desk*

October 2, 2007

So I’ve been running into this bug in Kubuntu Gutsy where X will lock up and stop recognizing my input. The mouse works but clicking will stop responding. Its to a point where I just can’t use my computer to work and maybe the web can help me out:

my Xorg.conf
I also ran tail -f /var/log/Xorg.0.log > Xdebug.txt and got this as the last signal:
AUDIT: Mon Oct 1 22:23:42 2007: 5552 X: client 23 rejected from local host (uid 1000)

In other news, I am busy as ever with school. I am part of a team working on a protein folding project and we are getting very close to begin folding. The latest success was one of our members getting Python to dump 50,000 lines of output in 3 seconds. Yay!