In need of help

August 5, 2007

Dear Internet,

I’ve been trying to get this mail server running using postfix + MySQL + spamassassin and all the other fun crap removal that goes into mail servers. Here is the issue: I’m trying to get it to grab the MySQL database that on another machine. I map it using virtual addresses and it fails to connect. Since the mail server’s job is just to process the mail, sort out the crud, inject the mail with “checked for viruses” and pass it along, by not doing so I have a large problem. So if anyone on the web can help me out, I would be forever grateful. Just leave me a comment or any of my listed methods (I’ve followed enough howtos to make myself cry, so I’d prefer a human to talk to.) Like I said, any help would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note, I’ve been using Kopete for communication and I really like it so far. I have found one real annoyance, when I am away (or ignore a message) I find the messages are recorded until I start a new conversation. For example, I was away today and got messaged around 10 am and just got the original mail because I marked myself as available and got asked the same questions. Is there a cleaner / smarted way to get messages while away?

Thanks for any answers. 🙂


  1. I’ve done similar thing with mysql and postfix, although never with the DB on a different machine. A few things that may help:
    * Check your ports are open as appropriate (simple, but easy to overlook – can you use the mysql command line client to connect to the DB from the mail server machine?)
    * Is mysql listening on tcp? By default it doesn’t IIRC.
    * Enable debug mode in postfix, for your IP address or, then connect using telnet and send an email through it – watch the postfix logs, they’ll show a large amount of the workings of what’s going on which may point you in the right direction.
    Hopefully some of this helps.

  2. Robin, thank you for your comment. What commands would you suggest I run for that?

  3. To test mysql, just run something like ‘mysql -u username -h databasehost’. On the database host itself, use ‘netstat -lp’ (as root) to see what processes are actually listening on TCP ports.

    To enable debug mode in postfix, I think the option is ‘debug_peers’ in main.cf, but check the docs.

  4. Oh, for mysql also use ‘-p’ to make it ask for a password.

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