Getting on the ball with Xubuntu Docs

July 28, 2007

While I sit and waiting for my coffee to get ready, I decided to update. I have plans to meet up with Jim Campbell again today to hack on Xubuntu docs. The Documentation Team has a lot of interest in mentoring and building a more extensive, comprehensive documentation for the end user. Xubuntu fits into in an interesting way: it is a small build with limited packages installed by default and as such the documentation needs to reflect this. At the same time, we want to provide enough documentation for the end-user to expand their system if they wish. The doc work is going slow as Jim and I are both learning DocBook/XML and its looking like we have learned enough to build momentum. The main idea behind this release is to move Xubuntu toward Topic-Based Help and making sure it is all set up.

On another note, I plan to start and finish up the Mozilla help article that I wrote about earlier. The SUMO initiative is going online in about a week so I want to make sure it is finished up by Tuesday.

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