July 1, 2007

The Ubuntu Chicago Loco had a great meeting in conjunction with the College of DuPage LUG. There was a great talk about Bazaar and spend a good time talking about making Free and Open Source software accessible to people. Thanks for everyone for showing up. Also, John’s talk about Bazaar will be uploaded to Google Video soon, I have to cut it up and make it a little smaller. Look for it soon.

Secondly, my sister and I went shopping recently so she got an Acer Aspire 5610. Everything on it was free.

I was at Best Buy before I bought the computer, and I booted Kubuntu to make sure everythin worked out of the box, which it did. Great work Acer! I love not having to mess up with ndiswrapper and other odd commands. I suggest this laptop, its pretty powerful for a 600 buck computer (USD).

I also recently contacted Acer about returning the Vista CDs that came with the computer and getting my Microsoft tax money back. 🙂


  1. You recently contacted them.. How did it go, were they willing to give your money back or nay?

  2. My recent experiences with Acer were not so good. I bought an Acer Extensa that came with pre-installed Linpus Linux. I hoped that this would garantee good Linux support. But I had to really digg deep before I managed to get the WLAN working with a new ndiswrapper version. And it’s still really buggy.

    The Acer guy told me that they didn’t support Linux and they’d only install it because they mustn’t sell Laptops without OS (at least in Germany)…

  3. Hello Freddy

    I just bought the same notebook last month. Well, mine says 5610-Z. I also use Kubuntu, and I can’t figure out how to get the built-in wireless to be recognized by Kubuntu. If you or your sis can get that working, please share the details with me.


  4. Eddie, we have wireless working no problem. Can you do lshw and paste to me the output?

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