Long post.

June 26, 2007

I was very fortunate to attend BarCamp Chicago this past weekend. Alas I had a prior commitment so couldn’t attend Sunday. However, Saturday was a few of the Chicago LoCo guys showing up (picture) . The talks very good, I especially enjoyed Tristian’s talk and I took furious notes. I was happy to hang out with the Chicago GNU/Linux User Group some more, I had been unable to do anything in Chicago because of school. It looks like the Chicago Tech scene is growing well. There was a bit of documentation hacking that went on but the atmosphere was more conducive to talking than hacking.

I learned a great deal about Foresight Linux: the dedication that team has to upstream collaboration is very cool and their package manager Conary is also very intriguing. As I understand it, Conary downloads and installs the diffs of a package, not a whole new file. There is also a local history to roll back versions, which is very neat. I wish I had been to the talk on Sunday.

I was able to give my talk on “Getting Involved in F/OSS software” which I felt went over well for having written it on short notice. It was very hard to see my notes in the darkness of the room and after a long day. I did feel that it went well but I wish I had more time, I had to squeeze it in because I didn’t want to give it at 9 pm (which I ended up doing). Nonetheless, there should be an ogg to download soon (i’ll post a link if I think it’s any good.)

Recently in the Ubuntu Forums, gnomefreak put up a Call for help for the Mozilla Team. We are looking for people to help the Mozilla Team in the following areas: Bug Triage, Fixing Bugs, Package Testers (we have preview archives for things like the most recent of Firefox 3 which need heavy testin), Wiki Maintenance, Bughelper Clue File Maintenance and general Quality Assurance. Please leave a comment in the Forum, on our Mailing List, or IRC channel #ubuntu-mozillateam and we can hack. Our current team is good but we could always use more eyes and keystrokes.

Lastly, I am excited for the Tribe 2 release of Xubuntu. The Release Note page has been created, but I will be editing it locally. Tribe 1 will be released ~Thursday.

As you may know, Xubuntu is the Ubuntu build with a light and small Desktop Environment. Our development team is also small but it could be bigger (in fact we want it to be). So if you are looking to get involved in a F/OSS project, consider joining the Xubuntu dev folks.

I conclude at that, I realize there are two calls for involvement in one post. but that’s okay with me. Thanks for reading, the next one will be shorter.


  1. You might have missed something even nicer about the conary. I have understood that everyone can easily build a package (far, far easier than building debs) and submit it for reviewing (far lighter process for casual version bumps etc). Just check the toolchain and what it offers, it is awesome.

  2. Is was great to chat with you, I was glad to show off conary a bit. Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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