Short update

June 22, 2007

A long time ago, Melissa Draper wrote a blog about some of the hidden talents people have in the Open Source community. I left a comment about my skateboarding habits. So as most people may not know, yesterday was “National Go Skateboarding Day.” This was what I spent my Summer Solstice doing and it was a great time. I was unhappy that I was far too late to go to my appointment to do Documentation work and missed a meeting of the Mozilla Team, however I decided to take the day off. My apologies to Jim and the Mozilla Team.

Bughelper was patched with the latest states for Launchpad which only took about a day. This is a good thing.

I have to start thinking about my presentation on Saturday at BarCamp Chicago. Its titled “Getting started in F/OSS projects” and should be good.

One question for you out there: I’m trying to connect an iPod to Amarok to take advantage of the new support for Rockbox and I get the following output:

Media Device: could not find iTunesDB on device mounted at /media/MUSIC MUSIC. Should I try to initialize your iPod?

I do attempt to initialize it and I get:

Media device: failed to write iPod database

How can I fix this?

One comment

  1. I just got on the board again after about 6 months of absence a few days ago. It felt so good. Skate on.

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