Crazy times

June 19, 2007

I’ve had an eventful last few days. I was able to attend a tech talk being hosted by Google which was very interesting. The talk about SVN was pretty good. I was able to meet some more of the Chicago GNU/Linux user group. I’ve hung out with the LoCo guys a bit but its nice to get to know the GLUG people more.

This weekend will be BarCamp Chicago 2007 which is looking to be a very cool event. I will be giving a talk about getting involved in Free / Open Source projects (my focus will be Ubuntu because its what I know) and I have to build up for it. It should be interesting.

Lastly, my main computer (omg-gnus) went down last night. I think it was the motherboard that failed. I was able to switch HDDs with my brother’s computer and now I have a working Linux system with my information. Nevertheless, it seems I have to find a back up solution. My plan is to test out my components and possibly sell them off. I have been looking to replace my tower with a laptop so I can do things like write during long trips and meet in cafes to develop. Hopefully this is a mixed blessing.


  1. Dude, did Ubuntu Product Activation require you to reactivate Ubuntu when you installed your HD into your brother’s computer?

    When I had to do that once, the reauthorization failed, and an Ubuntu rep wouldn’t even give me a new product activation code, even though I told him that I paid for it at Best Buy.

    This Ubuntu Genuine Advantage stuff is garbage, man . . . it just doesn’t work.

  2. I was on the phone with the representative for a few hours and he told me that I needed to inform Ubuntu I was changing hardware before I changed hardware or my system would lock down.

    Long story short: I had to pay a system reactivation fee.

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