Xubuntu Tribe 1

June 6, 2007

The Xubuntu Tribe 1 release page has been finished (I’ll link to it when Tribe 1 has been released) and Gutsy is looking very nice so far. However, the Xubuntu project does need help. The Tribe 1 page took me a few hours to create and with many more hands it could have been finished in a fraction of the time. Writing the document was not particularly intense, it was tedious. So if any writers or reviewers want to volunteer to help the Xubuntu marketing effort, please drop me a comment or an email.

Secondly, I am supposed to lead an overhaul of the Xubuntu website however I’m not particularly proficient in Drupal, so if someone who likes that sort of thing wants to help, please let me know as well. I’ll be looking at options we have and talking to the other developers shortly about this. I’m not calling all the shots…yet 🙂

Lastly, the ISO testing for Xubuntu is being lead by Jim Campbell once again. He has recently emailed the Xubuntu developers a call to testing. If you have wanted to get involved with Ubuntu, testing releases is a great way. If you have a spare machine to test on, that would be a great way to test. Or you can run the .iso in a Virtual Machine, you may still find a bug (actual installs are preferred however).

So, ways to help Xubuntu: Writing / Reviewing. Webpage redesign. Test CDs.

One comment

  1. I would like to run a test install of Xubuntu.

    Would either be in a dual boot install if it was stable enough to do web work on full time or VM if it was not. A few crashes a day can be dealt with with out a problem by me.

    send me a mail with details of exactly what you will need tested.


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