May 23, 2007

I fixed my connection issues, I was able to ping the router, set the proper properties and it worked. Perseverance was the key, who would have thought. I really appreciate all the comments that the readers left, it really demonstrates how active the community is in helping each other.

I have seen the related blogs about discrimination on the planet and I decided to write a bit about this topic. When I first started using Ubuntu, I was frustrated at a lot of the basic issues: setting up mp3 support, playing DVDs, etc. So due both to my unfamiliarity to the CoC and my frustration, I would express expletives over the IRC channel. Since then, I have become more involved, signed the CoC and became more involved in the community. I see this now as a natural progression. While I wish I had not been so frustrated, it does allow me to relate to users with familiar experiences. Yet, never in these moments did I ever harass a user. I have had to kick users before being offensive and I always point them to the CoC. One kick message read something to the effect of “Come back when you read the CoC, you’ve been warned”. This extends to women in all regards. I too am shocked by 1.5% of all FOSS developers being women and this relates to community as well. A community that is not welcoming, to anyone, will not succeed. Therefore, we as a community must be extra diligent to make sure we are are always open. To anyone whom is interested in development, please email me, your LoCo team leader and please realize that we as a group are dedicated to the ideals of being non-discriminant.

To general users of Ubuntu, consider reading and signing the Code of Conduct and thinking about what it means to you.

A preview of the next post: Beghelper and clue files.

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