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April 5, 2007

For anyone near the Chicago area, I hope to see you all at Flourish an Open Source conference at the University of Illinois Chicago. While it is a two day conference, we (The Chicago LoCo) plan on attending Saturday due to schedualing conflicts. We will be there with a group of around 10 members, noteably Richard Johnson (nixternal) and Jim Campbell (j1mc). We plan to arrive around 9 am with all the CDs we can and will have a table set up where you cancome chat with us. See you then!

P.S. I won’t have be on IRC for the next few days, email me if you need me.



April 4, 2007

I posted previously about my work on a Bug Diary which has now been updated. Still needs much more work but I will get there eventually. Feedback is welcome.

Earlier today I was in the Mozilla Team meeting and we came on to the discussion of bughelper. Bug Helper is a very neat tool we have to help Bug Squad deal with bugs. I took to writing a clue file for Firefox which would (in the future) return likely duplicates of our master crash reports. A clue file is in essence a file which has certain search parameters as well as returns a custom message when you get an error to guide bughelper. I will test it a bit later today when I return from class but looks like a very promising tool for us.


Being useful

April 2, 2007

Here are the latest and greatest projects I am working on so far.
Xubuntu Marketing Team – I recently became the Xubuntu Marketing Team Manager which was exciting. My immediate plans are to help move the Xubuntu page over to look more like the Ubuntu homepage. As of now, I am not looking to create a Xubuntu team on Launchpad, though I plan to register one at some point. Also, I am hoping to look at all the Marketing Resources we have now and see how we can make them work for Xubuntu. The only page I have is this one which is empty but feel free to contribute.

Bug Diary – I have started a bug diary which I will use to track my bug work as well as logic flow and what not. Again, this page does not have anything on there yet but I hope to expand it over my break this weekend. The page can be found here and should be an interesting read for anyone whom wishes to get a start on bug work but doesn’t necessarily know where to start. With the release of LP public beta, I hope that I can post some screenshots with text (need to check that).



April 2, 2007

I haven’t written because I really haven’t felt like I had anything relevant to say, follow the jump for a quick story on Ubuntu.
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