Its been a while…

April 25, 2007

I saw a very cool article on Slashdot recently about Wikipedia releasing an offline CD. This kind of free content is very interesting to me and I like that it is available in torrents.

I see that Gutsy toolchain is now available. I am quite sad to see g77 move to universe from main.

I have taken a long break for Ubuntu for academic reasons, but anyone who commented on my last post should have a response.

We have Xubuntu Release Notes for anyone whom follows the Xubuntu project. With much help from Jim Campbell we were able to hack this out. Thanks Jim.


  1. I thought g77 was on the way out anyway in favour of gfortran? It has been probably a year since I tested either app, but I have vague recollection that the later was working a lot better on more modern fortran code anyway (the type we use at my workplace…)

    The fact that they are now both in universe is probably a testament to the fact that Fortran is not very high on the popularity totem pole of computer languages.

  2. Yes, Daniel I think that was the reason for it being sent to universe? The reason I liked g77 was because the department I study in does computation in g77. The professor understand g77 and we stay with g77 for simplicity sake.
    There are still many uses for FORTRAN that we have found. We are doing a project similar to Folding@home to run on a parallel machine which we are writing. Any other language would just be a poor decision and I enjoy the fact that I can compile with a few keystrokes on my computer.

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