Are you excited for Feisty+1?

April 12, 2007

I know I am pumped for Feisty+1. I got to see a lot more happening from the developers point of view during this development cycle and look forward to Feisty+1. Wait, let’s not call it Feisty+1 but Gutsy Gibbon. SABDFL announced today on the Ubuntu-devel list the newest release will be called the Gutsy Gibbon. I much rather liked the name Glossy Gnu but the tip of the hat goes to Gutsy. My personal goals are to get more going in terms of marketing and documentation for Xubuntu, learn packaging (hopefully shoot for MOTU), do more bug work, and get the Illinois LoCo off the ground.

I could bore you with my words, but Mark’s announcement is much more interesting.

Edit: I was apparently too excited about Gutsy and misspelled it. Fixed now thanks to Jucato 🙂

One comment

  1. I really want Xorg 7.3 “hotpluggy sweetness”, as Keith Packard put it 🙂

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