Being useful

April 2, 2007

Here are the latest and greatest projects I am working on so far.
Xubuntu Marketing Team – I recently became the Xubuntu Marketing Team Manager which was exciting. My immediate plans are to help move the Xubuntu page over to look more like the Ubuntu homepage. As of now, I am not looking to create a Xubuntu team on Launchpad, though I plan to register one at some point. Also, I am hoping to look at all the Marketing Resources we have now and see how we can make them work for Xubuntu. The only page I have is this one which is empty but feel free to contribute.

Bug Diary – I have started a bug diary which I will use to track my bug work as well as logic flow and what not. Again, this page does not have anything on there yet but I hope to expand it over my break this weekend. The page can be found here and should be an interesting read for anyone whom wishes to get a start on bug work but doesn’t necessarily know where to start. With the release of LP public beta, I hope that I can post some screenshots with text (need to check that).

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