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Bug Diary update

April 30, 2007

I recently (and finally) got around to updating my Bug Diary with a small update on Documentation and I think it is a good one. I am of course, no documentation expert but I have been dabbling with it for a bit, doing some proof reading, making simple patches etc. I also helped write some of the System Settings documentation for Feisty with the help of nixternal. Anyways, please do read the diary and give me feedback and such. In a more personal matter, I am two and a half weeks away from finishing my fourth semester of college so I will be looking to end strong. I have taken a break from Ubuntu related work, but it is for a good reason everyone.


Its been a while…

April 25, 2007

I saw a very cool article on Slashdot recently about Wikipedia releasing an offline CD. This kind of free content is very interesting to me and I like that it is available in torrents.

I see that Gutsy toolchain is now available. I am quite sad to see g77 move to universe from main.

I have taken a long break for Ubuntu for academic reasons, but anyone who commented on my last post should have a response.

We have Xubuntu Release Notes for anyone whom follows the Xubuntu project. With much help from Jim Campbell we were able to hack this out. Thanks Jim.



April 14, 2007

I feel strong dislike for any company / institutions that use non standard formats. I can’t remember how many time I got a Word Perfect Document and couldn’t open it. Even people chained to non-free systems wrestle with not being able to open documents in odd formats. One of the reasons I dislike Sony came up in the latest LUGRadio episode (link to the ogg). I believe it was Jono Bacon whom said Sony comes out with a new audio format every 6 months. I couldn’t agree more, spending hours looking for an AAC converter is a major hassle. I just make it a personal point to use as many free formats as possible.

However, here is a neat program I found, mp32ogg. Basically, the package (CLI) will take an mp3 and make it an ogg. Quite useful for me at times, I recently got a podcast that Carthik linked to and made it as free as possible. Also, if anyone knows of a tool to convert Word Perfect documents to useable formats please let me know. Bonus points if you can tell me how to use it.


Are you excited for Feisty+1?

April 12, 2007

I know I am pumped for Feisty+1. I got to see a lot more happening from the developers point of view during this development cycle and look forward to Feisty+1. Wait, let’s not call it Feisty+1 but Gutsy Gibbon. SABDFL announced today on the Ubuntu-devel list the newest release will be called the Gutsy Gibbon. I much rather liked the name Glossy Gnu but the tip of the hat goes to Gutsy. My personal goals are to get more going in terms of marketing and documentation for Xubuntu, learn packaging (hopefully shoot for MOTU), do more bug work, and get the Illinois LoCo off the ground.

I could bore you with my words, but Mark’s announcement is much more interesting.

Edit: I was apparently too excited about Gutsy and misspelled it. Fixed now thanks to Jucato 🙂


Off vacation (not that I ever had one)

April 11, 2007

I am excited for Feisty. Its about 10 days off…thats very very soon! I’m been running Kubuntu Feisty since Herd 1 and it has good to help further in the development of the latest and greatest Ubuntu Release. It seems like I haven’t been writing mostly because I have been very busy but here is a long one.

The Flourish Conference was a great time and I was excited to see The Chicago LoCo show up and pass out a ton of CDs. I think we handed out over 200 but everybody’s number differs. The chicago team wrote some responses on the Planet so check out our reviews. I was especially proud to represent Ubuntu with Chad, great work Mr. Sutton. My personal thought are after the jump at the end of the page.

The Illinois LoCo will be meeting at Manchicken’s House of Hack soon. I am very excited as this will be the first meeting of the Illinois Local Community. I hope to see everyone who is interested from the State of Illinois there. As I am also part of the Chicago LoCo, (but being away at school, I can’t help year round) I am excited to help grow the Illinois team. Anyone who is interested in the Illinois team is welcome to contact me if you live in the western part of the state (I’m in Monmouth [near Galesburg] so Peoria, Quad Cities, Macomb etc). If we can get enough interest, I’ll be calling meetings for us.

 If anyone knows how I can disable pingbacks (or what they are / why they exist) please let me know.

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