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March 21, 2007

After reading mako’s blog post, I realized he made some valid points. Money is a tool that people can use. There will be ethical concerns about using money to manipulate people, but I think that inevitably if people that want to push Linux must use all the tools they have at their disposal. Someone has to fund all these projects and it is through Canonical and other great donations that we can do our work.

In other news, I went to the Linux Persona website and I think the webpage was actually inaccurate. I don’t know where their sources came from, but I’m fairly sure they are wrong (in my opinion). As a scientist and a skeptic, I have to question all the behind the scene work. Plus, there are several problems, like the Linux Aficionado persona believes Linux to be superior technology….well it is superior technology, there is no need for the word belief. 🙂 Secondly, I don’t think the Linux Aficionado only has 48% of their server running Linux. Where these numbers come from, I have no idea.

I listened to the podcast (can’t find a link) about MS’s new marketing strategy and it seems so…robotic. Literally, I though it was robots talking for the very first part of the podcast. Take that for what you will.


Hello world, part 2!

March 18, 2007

In the great migration of the Ubuntu Chicago LoCo page, I ended up losing my blog, so I had to create a new one on WordPress, update the planet to point to this one, and here I am (hopefully). The old interface will be missed to say the least.

As I walked upstairs yesterday I heard a call from one of my Brothers. I turn and he looks at me and says “Freddy, do you have an Ubuntu disk I can have? I’m going to put Linux on my desktop.” I give him a Kubuntu 6.10 CD and I don’t hear from him since. I fixed his problem with Flash, and also helped him set up Gaim (the network here is different to be polite). He was off and running and didn’t have any problems it seems. In the past year, I have put Linux on many machines but it was refreshing having people come and ask me for Ubuntu. I know when I first came to my school of no machines running Linux, now I know of at least twelve computers running Kubuntu (dual boots not included). Great success so far, and I am hoping that more people come around. Now people are asking for it, trading stories of printers working out of the box, etc. In the past year, we have began building a user base which always makes it exciting to be around. Feisty should help greatly.