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March 29, 2007

I came across
this link on IRC which came from a post. I find it a great step forward for Free Software everywhere. I am very hopeful about better laptop support and all the things we want for out of the box performance. With this comes the skepticism that Dell keeps their promise. Great success for us all it seems, makes me want to buy more Dell gear.



March 28, 2007

I am taking a slight break from the bug report posts and posting an idea that I’ve been find more and more true, but quite problematic.
So I installed Kubuntu Edgy, then upgraded to Feisty with the newest kernel (2.6.20-13-generic) and try to get the wireless device to work. It is the RT2500 802.11g device and I struggle with this for a few hours. I have the wireless looking at the right gateway and DNS server in system settings, but it won’t connect. Knetworkmanager fails at configuring ra0. Wlanassistant fails to connect. After a while I decide that its not worth the effort. As much as I want wireless to work on this laptop (very much) I realize in this case I am doing much more work. I can use a wired connection in the use the laptop will see. In some problems we are trying to solve in the science department we have to look at some things. One afternoon my fellow student and I were arguing about the best way to use arrays to display some information until we realized we were both arguing against the simple way which we needed to get the next part going.

The problem with this is that we want everything to work in Ubuntu. We want that out-of-the-box laptop support. I just felt that if I spend more time on this laptop, I could eventually get it to work, just seems like I have better work to look at when it hits 3.10 am.


Bug Series Part 2

March 26, 2007

I wish to clarify my previous post and say that I think we are just taking so many new users so rapidly that the pace of developers may not be enough. I know Canonical has been working hard with their devs to push a great product and has taken the initiative of hiring more developers. That being said, the aim of these posts is help the average Ubuntu Planet reader so the logic which goes behind bug work and hopefully inspire a few people to give it a shot.

In this post, I had to go back and edit it because it came to my attention that my methods where incorrect on a few bugs. Therefore, I reanalyzed this and see that sometimes the best resources a bug triager has is other triagers.

I came across this bug report in Feisty. I made a few mistakes in triaging as I thought it was an older bugs in Feisty, and thought it was a Herd 1 bug and didn’t see a Beta 1 in there. I was corrected by Colin Watson who has sharper eyes than me and I made an appropriate response.

There are some bugs that are not even bugs but features. This bug looks like a feature instead of a bug, and therefore may need careful attention by someone more well rounded in how KDE should behave. I contact nixternal and he tells me it is a feature. I reject it for that reason.

One more before this post gets too long. I looked upon this German Language one that I was unsure of how to process. If Kubuntu was installed with German chosen as the language at install time then I would say german-language-support should be installed at that time as well and then it would be a bug. If german-language-pack is installed, perhaps it should depend on german-language-support. However, if German is never explicitly stated at any point of install, or ever installed, then should german-language-support be installed by default? More importantly, I am unsure if this package exists in the repositories after I search for it in This is one of those bugs that really depends on bug reporter’s response which I have to await patiently. Edit: After I posted this, Colin Watson comes to inform me with a comment on my post “The third bug you mention is (arguably) an installer bug and should be triaged as such. It sounds like you aren’t familiar with how the installer handles language packs and language support packages. It shouldn’t be rejected out of hand.” Yes, I agree that I’m not sure how this bug should be handled, I didn’t wish to reject it but I wanted to gather more information from the reporter so I could orientate myself better to his / her wishes.


Bug work

March 26, 2007

So i spend more time (than I normally do) looking at bugs in Ubuntu this weekend. I managed to grab some three people Bill Kukowski, my twin brother Eddie and Jim Campbell who needs to update his blog and tag back Richard still 🙂 . As they are all Ubuntu Chicago’ers, I have been working with them to teach them a few bug triaging techniques, showing them around Launchpad, discussing the appropriate course of action etc. The reason for this is because the Ubuntu community faces a great but serious problem; as the number of users increases rapidly, we just don’t have enough eyes to look at all the bugs we have. Every week we triage more and more, but since the number of reports is growing (I assume exponentially, and I hope it is e^x) we are just over hauled with bug reports. Thats the reason I am trying to get more people doing this kind of work, because if I can help train / get a few more people doing work, and they can get people, we are in business. Just like we try to get one more person to use Ubuntu, and they get more, you get the point. I leave you with a link to one of my new favorite comics Xkcd.

P.S., I hope to start a short series on bug work, next post will be about getting started.


bitlbee and irssi.

March 22, 2007

I will be reposting an older blog due to a conversation I had yesterday. I was relaxing and my phone rings. It was a buddy that had been to a talk on Open Source and Ubuntu that my buddy and I gave a while ago. He had called because he had seen a video of desktop effects and wanted to get Ubuntu thought he didn’t want DEs. I got excited because only again for the reason I posted in before. While in his room, I also came across more Ubuntu users that I never meet on campus. \o/.

Now to the reason I posted. Seems that at our school, there is quite a problem connecting to the an IM server so I am posting my workaround. It works for networks that allow you access to IRC, and it is through a package called bitlbee and irssi. More information after the jump.

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